Common sprinkler Problems

Houston Irrigation Repair

Facing troubles with your sprinkler system? Be it a malfunctioning sprinkler head, persistent valve issues, clogged nozzles, leaks, irregular coverage, electrical faults, or unresponsive rain or freeze sensors, Houston Sprinkler Repair is here to swiftly and efficiently resolve these problems at a competitive price.

Not only do we specialize in repairs, but we’re also experts at upgrading your system. If your landscape has evolved, we can adjust your existing sprinkler setup to accommodate new growth or landscaping changes, enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your system, or upgrade it with the latest in sprinkler technology.

Our comprehensive sprinkler repair services include:

  • Fixing broken or leaking sprinkler heads, including pop-ups and rotors
  • Addressing leaks in underground valves and pipes
  • Solving issues with controllers and timers
  • Adjusting spray patterns for optimal water coverage
  • Extending your system with additional zones and sprinkler heads
  • Integrating drip irrigation systems for targeted watering of flower beds and foundational landscaping
  • Upgrading your system with advanced rain and freeze sensors
  • Detecting and repairing any electrical or wiring issues
  • Offering sprinkler system winterization to protect your investment

Why Choose Houston Sprinkler Repair?

  • Each repair job is undertaken by our team of professional, licensed technicians.
  • Our vehicles arrive fully equipped, aiming to resolve your issue in just one visit.
  • We possess the expertise to repair and service all major brands of sprinkler systems, including but not limited to Rainbird, Hunter, Rachio, Irritol, and Toro.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 90-day warranty on all repairs

Trust Houston Sprinkler Repair for all your sprinkler repair and system upgrade needs, guaranteeing rapid response, unmatched expertise, and thorough satisfaction.

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