How to Program Your Hunter Sprinkler System

Are you looking to take control of your Hunter Sprinkler System for optimum lawn and garden care? Programming your irrigation setup can save you time and resources, all while keeping your landscape vibrant and healthy. Here, we’ll walk through the general steps on how to program your Hunter Sprinkler System.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have the model number of your Hunter controller, as instructions may vary slightly between models. It’s also wise to consult the manual specific to your model, but the following steps will guide you through the general programming process.

Step 1: Set the Current Date and Time

  1. Locate the control panel on your Hunter Sprinkler System.
  2. Power on the device and locate the “Date/Time” setting. This is often found under a basic settings menu.
  3. Use the arrows or dial to set the current date and time. Make sure this is accurate, as it will affect all scheduled watering times.

Step 2: Program the Start Times

  1. Navigate to the “Start Times” menu on your control panel.
  2. Choose the program you want to adjust – most systems allow for multiple programs to manage different zones/schedules.
  3. Set the desired start time for the chosen program. You can set multiple start times if you want the system to run more than once a day.

Step 3: Set the Watering Schedule

  1. Access the “Days to Water” or similar option in the menu.
  2. Specify the days of the week you would like the system to irrigate your landscape. Alternately, you can choose the interval option (e.g., every 2 days).
  3. Some models offer odd or even day programs, which are useful for following local watering regulations.

Step 4: Adjust Run Times for Individual Zones

  1. Enter the “Run Times” menu where you will see zones listed.
  2. Select the zone number you wish to set run times for.
  3. Use the plus or minus symbols, or the dial, to adjust the watering duration for that zone. The unit is usually in minutes.

Step 5: Review and Save Your Program Settings

  1. Some controllers may require you to select a ‘Save’ option to retain your programming actions.
  2. Review each setting to verify that the date, time, start times, watering days, and run times are programmed as you desire.

Step 6: Manual Overrides (if necessary)

  1. Know how to operate the manual override function, should you need to stop or start the system outside of the set schedule.
  2. Typically, this includes a “Manual Start/Advance” button on the controller.

Additional Tips

  • Take advantage of Hunter’s features such as seasonal adjustment or cycle and soak, if your model has these options, to customize watering based on the season or to prevent run-off.
  • Consider weather sensors or smart controllers from Hunter that automatically adjust watering schedules based on the local weather conditions.

Remember, proper programming of your Hunter Sprinkler System not only conserves water but also promotes a thriving outdoor space. If you encounter challenges, consult your Hunter product manual or reach out to their customer support.

Programming your sprinkler system might take a little time to perfect, but the efficient water management and beautiful results make it a valuable skill for any homeowner. With these steps, you’re on your way to becoming a proficient landscape irrigation manager!

If you have any questions or need any type of sprinkler system repair, the experts at Houston Sprinkler Repair will be glad to help. Give us a call or 346-642-6161 to set an appointment.

How to Program Your Hunter Sprinkler System
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